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You don’t have budget for this! Should you?

Posted on by PCAS

In the world of content, there are many technological advancements that have attracted the attention of senior management. The decreased cost of adoption and ease-of-use of modern publishing technology provides the capabilities for businesses to manage and leverage content in new and exciting ways. This is pretty important in today’s “customer experience” world where the modern consumers […]

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PCAS Inc. hires Mark Pepper as Director of Programs & Professional Services

Posted on by PCAS

Precision Content Authoring Solutions Inc. is pleased to welcome Mark Pepper as Director of Programs & Professional Services. Mr. Pepper brings more than 15 years of technical communications experience to Precision Content, having worked with organizations such as Pearson, Deloitte, and BlackBerry (formerly Research in Motion). Mark had been running his own consulting company, Crimson Sage […]

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Top five reasons to outsource your next content transformation project

Posted on by PCAS

As a company that specializes in overhauling or “transforming” high-value enterprise content, such as 10,000-page procedure manuals, we’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons over the years. Here are five reasons to think about when considering outsourcing your technical writing projects. 1. Your subject matter experts (SMEs) don’t have time – Your SMEs and other stakeholders don’t […]

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Top 10 similarities between a home renovation and a content transformation

Posted on by PCAS

How your last kitchen renovation can help you write your next business case We have all seen the proliferation of home improvement shows on TV. I go back to “This Old House” hosted by Bob Vila, as the first show that detailed the work required, and the hidden issues that can derail any renovation. Now […]

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