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Precision Content® Training


The objective of Precision Content® training is to transfer the skills and knowledge of the authoring methodology, framework, and tools to your content authors, information architects, and key stakeholders.


The purpose of Precision Content® training is to create skilled, motivated, effective, and productive resources, through which the enterprise’s investment in high-value content is sustained.


Whether training content contributors across several departments, creating a centralized authoring model, or developing internal expertise via Train-the-Trainer, Precision Content® training helps to

  • reduce costs and improve performance
  • improve content quality, consistency, and usability
  • streamline project management and content life-cycle
  • improve content governance
  • support the scalability and sustainability of high-value content, and
  • provide repeatable training for new hires in under one week.


The Precision Content® Training Program is divided into three sets of instruction providing progressive learning on

  • how Precision Content® works
  • how to write using Precision Content® methods, and
  • how to work with Precision Content® tools.

Note: The training can be customized to align with your business requirements.

Precision Content® Fundamentals (1 day)

The Fundamentals training is a full-day course dedicated to exploring the concepts and value proposition of writing, managing, and publishing with Precision Content®. The course is recommended for all stakeholders involved the content lifecycle including

  • authors
  • editors
  • reviewers and approvers
  • IT support
  • project managers, and
  • decision makers.

The Fundamentals training covers

  • introduction to Intelligent Content
  • 3 Laws of Precision Content
  • 4 Cognitive Principles
  • information Typing, and
  • topic-based Authoring.

Precision Content® Methods (2 days + Fundamentals = 3 days)

The Methods training is a two-day, hands-on workshop designed to teach the writing methods behind Precision Content®. Attendees will learn how to deconstruct content using the 4 Cognitive Principles and rebuild information according to desired reader-response. These writing methods are taught such that they can be applied to writing any type of business document in any tool. This course is recommended for all authors and editors working with content.

The Methods training covers

  • blocks and titles
  • primary blocks
  • authoring models, and
  • writing for different types of information.

Precision Content® Systems (2 days + Methods + Fundamentals = 5 days)

The Systems training is a two-day add-on to the Methods training designed to teach attendees how to apply Precision Content® methods using structured authoring tools for DITA/XML. Attendees will learn how to create and manage their content in a content management system using an XML editor and reviewer application. The course is taught using Precision Content® tools or can be tailored to any DITA-aware tools at an additional cost. This course is recommended for all authors working with DITA content.

The Systems training builds upon Methods and covers

  • XML basics
  • DITA overview
  • working with topics and maps
  • content reuse
  • managing structured content, and
  • publishing.


Classroom instructor-led training.

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