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AIIM 2022 State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry: It (Still) All Comes Down to the Customer

AIIM State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry Survey coverWe asked community members to consider again the grade they’d give their organizations when it comes to executive alignment of information management/ governance strategies and business strategies. We probed the different mindsets and approaches of those who have remained at status quo or worse and those who have seen improvement. This White Paper will explore what we found.

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On the Road to Boca Raton: NCCI’s Microcontent Journey to Future-Enabled Content

Technical Documentation Industry Survey coverIn 2019, the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) began working with Precision Content to transform tens of thousands of pages from DocBook to DITA. The project requirements identified the need for microcontent use cases to support a complex regulatory content lifecycle, automation opportunities, and dynamic delivery needs. This case study will walk you through the novel lessons we learned.

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Technical Documentation Industry Survey Report 2021 – Coronavirus Edition

Technical Documentation Industry Survey coverHow has Covid-19 impacted the technical documentation industry? We asked and over 850 people responded providing valuable insight into the impact and future viability. Who is doing the work and what are their titles? What tools are being used to produce what content types? Spoiler alert, the PDF is still #1.

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Understanding Information Architecture

Understanding Information Architecture white paper by Precision ContentThe practice of information architecture (IA) is famously tough to describe, ironic for a practice that is fundamentally about, as its pioneer Richard Saul Wurman said, “making the complex clear.”

In this paper, the Associate Information Architects at Precision Content delve into the history of information architecture, examine the current state of the practice, explore tactics for overcoming difficulties in aligning this important work with a bigger picture strategy, and discuss the role IA plays in developing content for a variety of emerging technologies.

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2020 DITA Satisfaction Report

2020 DITA Satisfaction ReportWe asked respondents using DITA to identify what’s working, what’s not, and to tell us how satisfied they were with their current implementation. The report presents the high-level findings of the research and commentary from recognized DITA experts on actions you can use today.

In this survey, respondents were asked to rate every aspect of their DITA usage. Respondents shared what benefits they see, the challenges they’ve experienced, the obstacles they anticipate, and what they see for the future.

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2018 Chatbot Adoption Report

2018 Chatbot Adoption ReportContent teams say they expect chatbots to help them deliver product and technical support content over next 18 months.

We surveyed content professionals at 300 organizations around the globe to find out if—and how—they plan to use chatbots to deliver product and technical support content to prospects and customers. This is what we learned.

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DITA Satisfaction Research Paper

DITA satisfaction research paper coverThe 2017 DITA Satisfaction Survey indicates that 62% of respondents using DITA are—to varying degrees—dissatisfied. As many as 10% of that group were very dissatisfied reporting that their DITA implementation is experiencing ‘big’ challenges. What’s going on? How are you feeling about your DITA solution? This research paper examines the key issues impacting DITA satisfaction to help you find the best place to start making improvements. The paper distills the issues into three major categories skills development, technology, and management. The good news is that most DITA users don’t see their problems as insurmountable. Many just need a little help getting to where they’d like to be.

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White Paper: Innovating Content Creation and Reuse

AIIM wp-cover-500 Organizations typically focus on the management of content and not the content itself. Struggling with the exponential growth of content that is expanding across the enterprise, businesses are creating and filling corporate digital landfills, clogging operational processes without knowing their complete content holdings or the value contained within. This white paper explores the pain points and approaches organizations are taking to create, use, and publish their content assets. The paper presents the research findings along with the analyst’s commentary and recommendations.
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