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Adobe Inc. is a multinational software company and considered one of the top global leaders in Customer Experience Management (CXM). The DITA-compliant, Adobe Experience Manager Guides solution, or AEM Guides, is Adobe’s structured content management system for experience-driven documentation. Designed to drive higher ROI from content through faster delivery and lower operational costs, AEM Guides uses structured content and AI capabilities to author, manage, and deliver personalized and consistent experiences for product documentation, policies and procedures, long-form marketing content, and more.


RWSRWS is the world’s leading provider of technology-enabled language, content management and intellectual property services. RWS helps their customers to connect with people globally by communicating business critical content at scale, and enabling the protection and realization of their ideas and innovations. RWS works with 90 of top 100 global brands, the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and 18 of the top 20 patent filers worldwide.


HerettoHeretto is a SaaS content operations platform designed to create, manage, and personalize enterprise knowledge for any audience, channel, and language. Heretto’s mission is to help customers create better knowledge experiences for better customer experiences, better employee experiences, and more profitable organizations.


IXIASOFT-logo-RGBIXIASOFT has been making a global impact since 1998. As trusted leaders in component content management software, our signature product IXIASOFT CCMS provides innovative and enterprise-class solutions for mission-critical applications. IXIASOFT CCMS, our award-winning, end-to-end component content management solution (CCMS) is used by industry leaders like Mastercard, SAP®, ADP, Ericsson, and Komatsu.


acrolinx logo2Acrolinx makes the world’s only AI-driven Active Content Governance platform. The world’s most recognizable brands use it to increase content clarity, consistency, and performance—in one department or across the entire enterprise—while accelerating and driving down the cost of content production.


oxygen250x80Syncro Soft is the highly acclaimed software company that develops oXygen XML Editor. It is a comprehensive suite of XML authoring, developing, and publishing tools and is praised as being the best XML editor available. oXygen is designed to accommodate multiple types of users, ranging from beginners to XML experts, and facilitates teams of all sizes in small businesses, Fortune 500 enterprises, universities, government agencies, and international organizations. It integrates all the major XML-based technologies and provides a complete solution for authoring documents, publishing to multiple formats, collaborating with team members, and managing content. oXygen also allows XML developers to work with advanced style-sheets, edit schema, generate documentation, debug files, and connect to a wide range of databases.


wittyparrot_logoWittyParrot is a disruptive, intelligent micro-content automation, collaboration and communication platform for Marketing, Sales, and Support organizations. WittyParrot improves knowledge-worker consistency in communication, productivity, and responsiveness by making information nuggets available through bots and widgets. The company’s investments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science enable it to automate both effectiveness and messaging consistency in all knowledge-worker communications. WittyParrot is fully integrated with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365, several CRM platforms and various chat-bot technologies.


 Solution Partners


urbinaconsulting-logo-170x50x24bitIf you have complex product content and diverse audience relationships and want to improve your customers’ experience, Urbina Consulting has a unique blend of experience and skills to address these challenges in high-tech enterprises, complex publishing environments, and regulated industries. Urbina Consulting works with strategic partners and subcontractors selected from long-term relationships in Europe and North America. Noz Urbina is a globally recognized leader in the field of content strategy and customer experience consultancy specializing in omnichannel strategies. His first book, “Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits” is a must-read reference for business leaders starting a content strategy initiative.


DITA strategiesDITA Strategies Inc. is an internationally-recognized consultancy focusing on the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA).  The firm specializes in helping teams design and implement unified content development environments for XML content. These environments provide custom, integrated support for authoring, storing, publishing, and localizing content. With over 20 years of experience in the information development field and 9 years of DITA expertise, Amber helps teams develop and optimize their environments to improve efficiency and reduce costs. In addition to co-authoring the DITA Maturity Model, Amber has authored numerous papers and articles on information design, development, and architecture and presented at leading industry conferences. Amber holds a Masters in Technical and Professional Writing and a Certificate in Computer Technical Writing from Northeastern University.


Saiff-Solutions-300x228Saiff Solutions is a technical writing outsourcing company based in the Philippines, led by Founder and CEO Barry Saiff, a technical communications leader with over 30 years of experience, most of it in the USA. Saiff Solutions provides the best of both worlds — outstanding documentation with excellent quality control, at a fraction of US rates.




AIIM-InternationalAIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) is the global community of information professionals. Their mission is to help you and your organization survive and thrive in the era of Information Chaos by solving your key business problems.


OASIS-logoOASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) is a nonprofit consortium that drives the development, convergence, and adoption of open standards for the global information society. OASIS members broadly represent the marketplace of public and private sector technology leaders, users and influencers. The consortium has more than 5,000 participants representing over 600 organizations and individual members in more than 65 countries.