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What is Precision Content®?


Precision Content® is a method of planning, authoring, and publishing high-value, structured content. It is a robust and systematic content life-cycle solution that helps enterprises manage content as a corporate asset. Precision Content makes content more precise.


This approach can be applied to most business and technical content, but is most often applied to

  • product information
  • policies and procedures
  • learning and training content, and
  • user guides.


Precision Content transforms content by breaking it down into its component parts making it easier to read and understand. The benefits of using Precision Content are:

  • Exposes errors and gaps in content
  • Improves the consistency of content in both format and language
  • Saves on maintenance, updating, review, and approval effort
  • Improves the quality and usability of content


Here are before and after examples of content transformed using Precision Content:



These are the key advantages of Precision Content:

Adapted-Structured-Authoring-MethodologyAdapted structured authoring methodology

Precision Content adapts structured authoring best practices to a rich semantically-structured technology framework. Teams of authors and contributors are trained to produce modular, concise, and consistent content. This is critical to developing effective, scalable, and sustainable content.

Interoperability-of-XMLInteroperability of XML

Precision Content is based on DITA – the fastest growing open XML standard in the world. You are free to choose the best tools for your content lifecycle. There’s no vendor lock-in, ever.

Multi-Channel-Publishing-and-Future-ProofingMulti-channel publishing and future-proofing

Backed by an XML infrastructure, you can publish to all the formats and devices you need including web, PDF, wiki, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Word, RTF, ePub, and many others. Better yet, you are future-proofing your content for whatever formats or requirements you might need next year or even 10 years from now.

Guided-Single-Source-Authoring-in-a-Collaborative-EnvironmentGuided single-source authoring in a collaborative environment

Authoring becomes an established method that results in amazingly usable, high-quality content. It is also not prone to errors and inconsistencies introduced by copy and paste. Once a piece of content exists, it can be reused as many times as needed. Updating it in one place updates it everywhere.


Precision Content is designed to save the organization time and money in the activity of content

  • authoring
  • management, and
  • publishing.

Key features and benefits include:

Feature Benefit
Future-proofing Modular, well-structured content is primed for the next phase of your information management strategy. Whether publishing to a mobile device or upgrading to a state of the art content management system, clear, well designed and semantically aware content is the first step.
Reducing update and approval time When content is well structured and easy to find and keep track of, making updates and approving content is easier. Using structured content will reduce content approval time and effort.
Reusing information Topics can be used in multiple information products such as a content set, curriculum or website.
Using content as a valuable asset XML makes content intelligent, versatile, manageable, and portable. Content can be published to PDF, HTML, RTF, PowerPoint, or mobile all without ever copying and pasting anything between files.

Compared to traditional authoring and content life-cycle approaches, Precision Content® unearths unrealized efficiencies and cost savings and provides strategies for managing content as a valuable asset.


These are the three laws of Precision Content®.

Element Basis Benefits
  • intelligent content
  • single source reuse
  • publish everywhere
  • Writers write content only once.
  • Users access consistent content from any chosen platform.
  • Gets the right information into the right hands at the right time.
  • collaboration
  • governance
  • content lifecycle
  • Protects the investment in your high-value content.
  • Content is sustainable and accuracy improved.
  • ROI over time.
  • cognitive psychology
  • topic-based content
  • plain language
  • Trainable, time-tested methodology
  • Provides information in the way users need to use it.
  • Appropriate for users in any industry, with any ability, regardless of language and culture.

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“Precision Content” is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.