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Learn More About Why DITA and Agile Go So Well Together

It’s been 20 years since the Agile manifesto was published, and technical communicators have been trying to find ways to deliver content in a more nimble fashion ever since. Things like bi-weekly Sprints and more frequent standup meetings where everyone is expected to report on their development progress—including content development—ramps up the pressure on technical communicators to find the right tools to enable them to cope. DITA XML is one such tool, with many of its base characteristics, like

  • content reuse, significantly reducing overall writing time, 
  • writing bite-sized content focused squarely on user needs, 
  • how topic-based writing assists with incremental content development, 
  • more effectively reporting on content development metrics, 
  • matching Agile processes directly to DITA topic types, 
  • how DITA short description lead users directly to the content they want 

…and much more. For an in-depth look at how DITA can assist your technical communications team, watch this video from Precision Content’s Senior Content Strategist Keith Schengili-Roberts who details how and why DITA and Agile go so well together.

Have questions about working with Agile with your writing team? We’d be happy to talk.

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