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Tafel Glhlampe Strichmnnchen

Tips for Subject Matter Experts – Providing Effective Feedback

Posted on by PCAS

As a content services company, we help companies transform their content. This involves working with subject matter experts (SME) to rewrite and restructure legacy content. We have noticed, that although authorities in their role, SMEs often require guidance on how to provide effective feedback and comments when reviewing draft content.  We provide short training sessions before any […]

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Research shows connection between content clarity and business credibility

Posted on by PCAS

The benefits of clear and easy-to-understand writing in business documentation are obvious. The easier it is to understand your documentation, the less likely you are to have technical problems, process confusion, or calls to the help desk. We also know that the best way to achieve content clarity is to avoid jargon and slang long […]

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Target miss

Is your content missing the mark? A content transformation example

Posted on by PCAS

The business writing that your team creates is vital to the success of your business. Even well-written content is not necessarily usable. Precision Content helps you create high-value, usable and scannable content that is easy to understand. What is content? Content is any information people generate in the process of doing business. Many kinds of […]

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Handwriting of content strategy topic with hand put a dart hit on the target

You don’t have budget for this! Should you?

Posted on by PCAS

In the world of content, there are many technological advancements that have attracted the attention of senior management. The decreased cost of adoption and ease-of-use of modern publishing technology provides the capabilities for businesses to manage and leverage content in new and exciting ways. This is pretty important in today’s “customer experience” world where the modern consumers […]

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