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Precision Content speaking about the future of technical communications at ConVEx 2021

Posted on by Keith Schengili-Roberts

For the second year running, the ever-popular DITA North America conference hosted by the Center for Information-Development Management is going wholly virtual as ConVEx 2021, and Precision Content has several key presentations. Please join us online between April 26-28 for three sets of talks designed to get you thinking seriously about microcontent and the future […]

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A man in a business suit is standing in a desert and looking through a telescope. "Looking Beyond Agile"

Learn More About Why DITA and Agile Go So Well Together

Posted on by Keith Schengili-Roberts

It’s been 20 years since the Agile manifesto was published, and technical communicators have been trying to find ways to deliver content in a more nimble fashion ever since. Things like bi-weekly Sprints and more frequent standup meetings where everyone is expected to report on their development progress—including content development—ramps up the pressure on technical […]

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