Content Strategy


Content strategy is a plan for getting the right content to the right user at the right time through strategic planning of content creation, delivery, and governance.


Content strategy provides guidance for the development of tactics and technology. It evolves as the business’ needs change and as new risks and opportunities are revealed.


Content-StrategyContent strategy workshop

The content strategy workshop serves as an exploratory engagement used to investigate high-level issues that can be addressed in the authoring, publishing processes, and governance practices. Initial recommendations can be used to pursue further activities needed to close quality gaps and improve productivity.

Deliverable: The workshop report is compiled after the interviews and analysis. It details the workshop’s findings and our recommendations. The report may include the following topics:

  • current state of content management practices
  • stakeholder interview notes
  • technology considerations
  • risk factors
  • industry comparisons
  • maturity model
  • scalability considerations, and
  • high-level roadmap.

Roadmap-planning-and-design-servicesRoadmap planning and design services

The roadmap is not intended to cover in detail the activities related to the project, but rather provides a high-level overview of the stages and activities involved in aligning the future state vision, budget, resources, and timelines.

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Content-audit-servicesContent audit services

The content audit identifies and classifies all your content. We will determine what you have, where it resides, and how valuable it is.


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