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    The Robots Are Coming – Do You Speak Robot?

    The robots are coming - do you speak robot?

    It isn’t enough to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. Your customers don’t just need content anymore, they need answers. The move to artificial intelligence, chatbots, and conversational user-interfaces is changing how we create and deliver content.

    The techniques you use to write and organize component-based content will have an even greater impact on the readiness and usability of your content in the future. Content needs to be precise and written for user intent.

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    Precision Content® Writer Training

    Precision Writing Training 2022 cover page

    In an omnichannel world, people want information they can easily use. To do that, you need content that is designed and structured for user-intent and optimized for today’s technologies.

    Precision Content® Writer Training is a standardized, methodological approach to content creation based on decades of research into how the human brain reads and understands information and modern content creation best-practices.

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    About Us

    Learn more about the team at Precision Content and the solutions that we can bring to your content challenges. We outline the benefits you can expect with content management programs and share some of the technology and consulting partners we work with on a regular basis!

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    Content Analysis – Is Your Content Ready for Intelligent Machines?

    Precision Content Content Analysis Rubric Brochure

    Creating and publishing microcontent to your enterprise improves the precision and usability of your content, and future-proofs your content for emerging technologies. To prepare content for intelligent machines, you must first prepare your content for human use.

    Analyzing your existing content can help to determine how large of a gap you must close. This content analysis exercise can help you identify the areas your content excels in and the areas that require upgrades.

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