Our Value Proposition

Value proposition:

We design intelligent content solutions that help our clients gain competitive advantage and grow revenue.

Mission Statement:

We are elevating the discussion around the value of enterprise content.  We are on a mission to make high-value content clear, concise, consistent, and credible.

The Business Problem: Technology is not the only answer

Today’s enterprises typically focus on the technology to manage and publish content, without giving much thought to the content itself. Struggling with the explosive growth of content that is expanding across the enterprise, businesses are creating and filling corporate digital landfills, clogging operational processes, and exposing the business to risk, all without knowing their complete content holdings, or the value locked within.

The Solution: Content problems require content solutions

What’s been missing is a focus on the content itself – how content is authored. By combining the best of the available technology with a standardized authoring methodology, we help enterprises unlock the knowledge and efficiency in enterprise content. This content has value and must be treated as an asset. We are experts in the field of structured authoring and content management. We help to unlock the knowledge in your enterprise.

Does Your Enterprise have a Content Problem?

Some of the symptoms of enterprise content problems include:

  • Staff-and-customers

    Staff and customers can’t find the information they need. They get frustrated and take their skills and business elsewhere

  • Business-critical-projects

    Business-critical content creation projects run over time and over budget, resulting in delays and lost revenue opportunities

  • Failed-audit-and-compliance

    Failed audit and compliance issues expose the enterprise to disruption and financial risk

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