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A man in a business suit is standing in a desert and looking through a telescope. "Looking Beyond Agile"

Learn More About Why DITA and Agile Go So Well Together

Posted on by Keith Schengili-Roberts

It’s been 20 years since the Agile manifesto was published, and technical communicators have been trying to find ways to deliver content in a more nimble fashion ever since. Things like bi-weekly Sprints and more frequent standup meetings where everyone is expected to report on their development progress—including content development—ramps up the pressure on technical […]

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Project manager working on laptop

Waterfall doesn’t work. Scrum makes execs uneasy. Don’t despair! We have a better alternative.

Posted on by PCAS

By Vivian Aschwanden, Director of Program Management at Precision Content We’ve all faced this dilemma at some point on our development projects: The management team for your project wants to see pre-determined schedules, hard deadlines, and guaranteed deliveries. But then they also want you to quickly pivot on mid-stream requirements changes, without changing planned commitments. […]

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The Definition of Done & The Path to Project Management Bliss

Posted on by PCAS

Success is not about checking off a box to say that you have finished something. That’s just finishing something. You can only truly succeed when you have transcended to a new state of being. In project terms, I call this the Definition of Done. It is a Zen-like state in which you become something greater […]

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