Industry recognition

Precision Content joins the 18th annual EContent list of top 100 companies that matter most in the digital content industry

eContent100November 2018, Econtent Magazine announced their list of top 100 companies that matter the most in the digital content industry and Precision Content was proud to be recognized on this prestigious list. This year’s EContent 100 list includes companies that are changing with the times and some that are leading the charge. Precision Content has been driving the conversation around intelligent microcontent and its role in powering emerging technologies such as chatbots, microlearning, and IoT.

“People aren’t just looking for content anymore – they are searching for answers to specific questions”, said Rob Hanna, President of Precision Content. “We believe that consumer behaviour is being shaped by the emergence of conversation user interfaces and that our industry must be prepared to not only deliver content across our traditional channels but also include new channels for microcontent.”

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Precision Content recognized amongst content strategy industry leaders

2017_LavaCon_Top-100_25-Badges_R2_Top_25_BadgePrecision Content is proud to be recognized amongst industry leaders in the Content Experience Influencer Top 25 and the Content Experience Strategist 200 lists. The company’s Rob Hanna made both lists and is pleased to be in the company of fellow partners and colleagues like Noz Urbina, Joe Gollner, and Andrea Ames.

We’d like to thank Mindtouch for their efforts and for bringing together the four judges who voted on the top 25 finalists from the list of nominated professionals. The Top 25 Content Experience Influencers list was selected by the judges and the Top 200 Content Experience Strategists list was 2017_LavaCon_Top-100_25-Badges_R2_Top_200_Badgevoted on by people from around the globe. The judges evaluated thousands of members within the content community and created a measurement that took into account a wide range of metrics including internet presence, influence, community engagement, and participation (including conference appearances).

Rob Hanna is delighted to be recognized and looks forward to continuing his work and contributions to the global technical communications community. See the full list here