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STC Summit ’17 – Leveraging cognitive science to improve structured authoring

STC-17-HannaMonday, May 8, STC Summit 2017, Washington DC — Have you ever wanted to know what information typing is and its significance for structured, topic-based authoring? Where did concept, task, and reference come from anyway? Decades of research and practice have shaped the tools and standards we often take for granted in the technical communication community. Examine the research behind structured authoring practices to reveal fundamental concepts many of us may have been missing. Review the history and science behind structured authoring and discuss the best practices writers at Precision Content employ. > Download the presentation

STC Summit ’17 – Content-as-a-Service

STC-CaaS-MacMillan-PrecisionContent-05092017Tuesday, May 9, STC Summit 2017, Washington DC —  Download Chris MacMillan’s presentation slides and other referenced materials like the ROI calculator. Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) is the productization of your content creation, management, and publishing services. You have the skills. You have the technology. Transform your services into a scalable, revenue-generating program for your enterprise of clients. Explore the best-of-breed technology platforms, processes, and practices you can adopt to implement a CaaS program of your own. > Download presentation materials

Leveraging Cognitive Science to Improve Topic-Based Authoring

lavacon-2016-presentationThursday, October 27, LavaCon 2016, Las Vegas — Review Rob Hanna’s presentation and learn how to look at information from a new light and how DITA can naturally be extended to accommodate enterprise content using principles of cognitive science. Rob demonstrates how content should be broken down and organized for better comprehension, retention, and use. Rob presents how research into cognitive science – or how the brain is hardwired – helps to focus attention on greater precision for writing topic-based content. > Download the presentation.

Harnessing the Value of Content

c2a2da35-42eb-4951-a747-6d10449309f3Oct. 18, 2016 | 61 mins. — Scott Abel hosts John Mancini, Chief Evangelist and Past-President of the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), Rob Hanna, President of Precision Content, and Noz Urbina, Founder of Urbina Consulting to explore how to help you kick-start a dialog for bringing together the different parts of your organization responsible for various aspects of content marketing, content creation, and information management. View the webinar here.

Best Practices for Developing Policies and Procedures

pnpoct6Oct. 6, 2016 — Policies and procedures are broad-reaching because they impact your entire organization—from employees to customers. However, the requirement for easy access and comprehension of policies and procedures on any number of digital devices is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with current systems and processes. Listen to Quark CTO Dave White, and Rob Hanna, President of Precision Content, discuss these challenges and how organizations can apply content automation practices to policy and procedure production. View the webinar here.

Advancing the Science Behind Intelligent Content

2016-0818 Advancing the Science Behind Intelligent Content SMALLAug 18, 2016 — Concept, task, and reference have served well as archetypes in technical publications, but are there others needed to serve the needs of the enterprise? Explore various techniques employed in learning theory and cognitive research that can extend the utility of DITA beyond technical publications. Learn how authors can focus on better content reuse. Learn to work with Precision Content® information types, focus on writing blocks rather than topics, and apply rigor to titles and short descriptions. Start the webinar recording.

The Cognitive Science Behind Intelligent Content

CognitiveScienceBehindIntelligentContentJuly 21, 2016 – Explore the science that makes for effective topic-based authoring with DITA. Semantic specialization should be a leading differentiator for selecting DITA for projects, yet it is one of its most underutilized features. Information Typing is truly at the heart of DITA, yet it is one of the most poorly understood concepts behind creating effective DITA topics. Content reuse is cited as a primary reason for moving to DITA, yet it is one of the hardest features to deliver expected gains in reliability, efficiency, and consistency over time. Start the webinar recording.

Precision Content® Tools, Techniques, and Technology


This presentation explores fundamental principles for writing and structuring content for the enterprise. Viewers will learn how to approach information typing for structured authoring, for more concise and reusable content.

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Introduction to Structured Authoring


This session, targeted at decision makers, consultants, and information professionals, introduces the concepts behind structured content and discusses the benefits and challenges to adoption…

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This presentation explores the unseen world of metadata. It describes essential concepts about metadata and taxonomies and discusses the role standards play in the design of metadata and controlled vocabularies. We help you to formulate strategies and tactics to take control of your metadata.

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