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    Join us at the Spectrum 2020 conference

    Sept 19-21, 2020
    Join us at Spectrum 2020 in Rochester NY, March 21-23, 2020.

    Join us at Spectrum 2020 online, September 19-21, 2020.

    The Expanding Spectrum of Technical Communication

    Every year the range expands of roles filled by technical communicators, audiences they serve, topics they address, skills they need, and areas of special interest to the field. The 2020 theme, The Expanding Spectrum of Technical Communication, reflects the exciting and challenging scope of work we do now as technical communicators and the growth of opportunities each year. The conference schedule includes workshops and presentations. Join us at Spectrum 2020, the Rochester Chapter’s 61st annual conference. Register on Eventbrite. See you there!

    This year’s keynote speaker is the award-winning author, professor, and thought leader, Kirk St. Amant. His talk, “Dynamics of Cognition, Usability, and Design,” will give participants insight into three key areas. In his talk, Kirk examines the psychology of usability in different design contexts.

    Presentation: Intelligent Microcontent: At the Point of Content Convergence, Rob Hanna

    Content distilled down to appropriate chunks of information in the form of intelligent microcontent take on a new life when they are made available to the enterprise for consumption and reintegration across different business functions in the enterprise. The silos all but disappear when content is rendered to microcontent that is classed, focused, structured, and contextualized. This microcontent then can flow freely across product, marketing, training, and support documentation. Attend to learn more about this transformational opportunity.

    Attendees will learn

    • Microcontent principles that make content available beyond technical publications to the entire enterprise
    • the Enterprise Content Metamodel used to classify content and establish connections and context
    • Microcontent structures for the rest of the enterprise
    • SME contributions through intelligent microcontent, and
    • Microcontent technology used to make content available as a service to the enterprise.

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