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    Join us Info Development World 2017

    May 15-17, 2017


    Information Governance Equals Information Opportunity

    May 16, 2017 3:45 pm – 4:05 pm

    You’ve just rolled out a new delivery platform for your content and everything looks great. Except in the back of your mind you know you’ve done this all before and it only took six months before the cracks started showing. Two years later and you’re looking for the next best thing because the last best thing didn’t work out at all. How can this keep happening?

    You’ve come to realize that technology cannot solve everything on its own. Your processes need to evolve to fully leverage the technology. But your processes don’t work if nobody follows them. So you need policy to drive process. But your policy has no teeth. Who’s accountable anyway?

    Discovering information governance—or evolving your company’s information governance program—can help to provide some answers. Information governance shouldn’t be all about mitigating risk—it should be about finding opportunity in your company’s information assets and exploiting that opportunity for the greater good of the corporation. Information governance is your tool to connect your content programs with your company’s core business drivers and find the right advocates within your company to ensure sustainability for your content initiatives.

    Attendees will learn:

    • practical definitions for information governance
    • how information governance is shifting beyond legal risk and records management
    • tactics for engaging the right champions through information governance
    Key word: GOVERNANCE