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    LavaCon 2018 conference

    Oct 21-24, 2018


    The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference started in Hawaii (hence our name) to give content strategists, documentation managers, and senior content professionals an opportunity to get away from the office and tend to their professional development.

    Conference mission

    • To help content professionals stay ahead of rapidly changing technology and customer demographics
    • To connect organizations experiencing content challenges with the consulting, translation, and tool vendors who can help
    • To create a community where content professionals can collaborate and advance the field as a whole

    Conference website:

    Precision Content’s presentations

    Keynote: Cowabunga! Surfing the Crest of the New Content Revolution

    Our profession is on the precipice of something very new and very disruptive. What does the next step really mean for us? Will we adapt or will it spur on another new industry of content professional? How will we produce content for a new medium and still keep the lights on with continued needs for traditional channels of delivery?

    Adopt too slowly and you’ll miss the wave. Adopt to quickly and you run the risk of the wave dashing onto the sand. In this keynote presentation, Rob Hanna will explore how to ride the crest of the new content wave.

    Preparing for Change in a World of Non-stop change: Beyond chatbots and Voice

    The world of content creation and delivery is changing fast. Last year we were discussing chatbots and voice interfaces. Before that it was self-serve knowledge bases. What will next year bring? Join us on an adventure of how to create and deliver small, bite-sized pieces of content that can be easily consumed while delivering it to multiple platforms, like knowledge articles, blogs, chatbots, and the platforms that we don’t yet know about. You want future-proofed content, right?

    In this session, attendees will learn how preparing now can make the transition to new platforms and tools (both known and unknown) less daunting and overwhelming. Topics will include:

    • How to write smaller, more compact chunks of content.
    • How to adopt a more conversational tone. How do you write content that Grandma can understand while keeping the distracted Millennial engaged.
    • How to write content for repurposing in knowledge articles, chatbots, and anything else.

    This session will also discuss the technical aspects and tools required to make the shift to more adaptable content:

    • The training required to help writers adapt to changing demands.
    • The tools and processes that will provide a real foundation for future-proof content.
    • This session will feature lessons learned from real knowledge base and chatbot projects.

    Find Your Tribe

    Attend LavaCon and network with peers from organizations such as: