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    KPMG explores opportunity to dynamically deliver procedures to global consultants

    ClientList-logo4KPMG provides Audit, Tax, and Advisory services. We work closely with our clients, helping them to mitigate risks and grasp opportunities.  KPMG International’s member firms have 155,000 employees working in 155 countries/territories around the world.

    KPMG identified a need to update the delivery medium of their procedures to global consultants. They needed a mechanism to supply accurate information to all of their consultants, in order to deliver the same consistent message to customers around the globe.

    How we helped
    KPMG engaged our Information Architects to help solution this business need and develop a business case for content transformation efforts to DITA/XML, providing a dynamic process compilation and delivery. PCAS Inc. worked with KPMG to develop a proof-of concept, in the form of an iPad prototype. This prototype leveraged back-end Precision Content (DITA/XML) that could be used by multiple departments to meet the needs and approval of the business owners.

    The iPad app was very well received and has laid the foundations for a comprehensive, intelligent content solution.