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    Insurance Corporation of BC optimizes content and decreases time spent on broker portal by 78%

    The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia ( is the provincial crown corporation provides vehicle insurance, driver licensing, vehicle licensing, and registration services for the province of British Columbia.

    The situation
    During a multi-year systems renewal transformation, ICBC’s management sought advice from Precision Content on the preparedness of certain areas including data governance, content standards, content management technology, and portal publishing.

    The solution
    Precision Content’s professional services engaged in a project making enhancements to the extranet portal content called “Broker Connect”. Called the Insurance Sales and Administration System (ISAS), the project involved the following:

    • Health check and roadmap planning: Analyzing technology effectiveness, methods, and practices, the consultants provided recommendations and technical guidance to prepare the corporation for a larger-scale deployment of a DITA/XML solution. As part of the engagement, fifteen stakeholders were interviewed and a 300-page report was developed for management.
    • Implementing content standards: Through training and support, ICBC worked with the Precision Content team to develop internal technical writers to standardize on authoring rules, structures, and principles. Content standards provided the common terminology for author collaboration and content consistency.
    • Transforming 6,000 pages: The ICBC writers worked with the Precision Content team to rewrite and restructure a large collection of help content. The complex information required SME input and conscious attention went into planning and managing SME engagement to maximize time and resources.

    Before and after 

    Download a short example here: Precision Content transformation explained

    Analyzing online traffic reveals that the new Broker Connect portal has improved efficiency. Brokers are accessing their desired content more quickly with fewer clicks. Key results include:

    • Time spent on the portal is down by 78%
    • Average pages viewed per session is down by 88% from 13 to 1.6
    • Bounce rates are down by 33% showing a marked improvement in search relevance and navigation

    Through content optimization, brokers can get back to serving their customers rather than searching for information.

    Call to action
    Staff, brokers, and channel partners need information to do their jobs. When that information is overly complex, convoluted, or missing, it causes inefficiency, poor customer engagement scores, and compliance risk. Don’t let your people struggle with inefficient information. Contact us to start the conversation about optimizing your high-value content.