Westoba Credit Union adopts modern leading-edge content practices to transform policies and procedures

About Case study
Westoba Credit Union is a dynamic member-owned and controlled organization that provides comprehensive financial services designed to satisfy the social and economic needs of the members and communities it serves. With $1.3 billion in assets and 17 locations across the province, Westoba is Manitoba’s sixth largest credit union.



  • Make policies and procedures easier to find, understand, and trust
  • Assess quality and accuracy of all policy and procedure content, and
  • Provide systems and practices to enforce content governance.


  • Reduced the volume of content in some areas by 40%
  • Exposed and filled knowledge gaps and fixed errors in important content, and
  • Trained writers in Precision Content® authoring methods and tools to sustain, control, and scale content.

Project overview

Business objectives
Witnessing increasing marketplace and regulatory pressure, Westoba needed to properly identify and clean-up current information assets by removing ROT (Redundant, Out-dated, and Trivial) content. Improving the quality of high-value internal policy and procedure documentation was made a priority.

Business needs
Westoba needed to improve the quality, clarity, accuracy, and governance of critical policy and procedure content to support business processes and compliance.

Solution overview
Several hundred pages were identified as high-priority from various departments. Divided into several projects, the first phase focused on board policies, lending policies, and operational policies and procedures. This content was rewritten using the Precision Content® authoring methodology. The content was migrated to a component content management system and published to customized templates developed using DITA InPrint™ so management could easily review content in Microsoft® Word.

Westoba has significantly cleaned up and streamlined their policy and procedure content. New policy and procedure content is easier to read and understand. Westoba is benefiting from content reuse; writing once and reusing content for various information products. New systems and practices have improved governance making it easier to update, reviejimredigerwestobaw, and maintain new content.


“Our Member-owners expect the best from Westoba. To meet and exceed their expectations, we have to ensure our staff can quickly find and understand the information they need to support our Members. Structured content and the Precision Content team have been instrumental in helping us transform our policies and procedures. Having recently reviewed the new Board Policy documentation, I am very pleased with the quality and clarity of the new content.”

– Jim Rediger, CEO at Westoba Credit Union


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