BCAA uses Precision Content® to “Googleize” their complex insurance reference manuals

BCAA With over 830,000 Members, BCAA serves one in three British Columbia households with industry-leading products including home, auto and travel insurance, roadside assistance, Evo Car Share, and full auto repair services at BCAA’s Auto Service Centres.

While BCAA knew they needed to improve their existing selling, processing, and underwriting manuals that supported their insurance products, finding the time and resources to perform the work was daunting.

BCAA wanted to

  • improve Member service
  • decrease internal processing time for their 400 Insurance agents across 29 locations
  • consolidate and streamline disjointed information authored by many writers over the years
  • ensure the underwriting, claims, and marketing teams were all referencing correct information
  • create a searchable reference source, and
  • adopt best in class practices for content creation, search, and governance.

Solution Overview
The 400-page Home Insurance manual was

  • transformed using Precision Content® authoring standards and easyDITA™ component content management system
  • republished using Precision Content’s connector for Microsoft™ SharePoint, and
  • relaunched as a new single source of truth with new ways to present information.

Training Support
To ensure BCAA could maintain the content, core staff were trained on the Precision Content writing method and project tools. 

The new manual is creating these benefits:

  • Insurance agents can easily find, read, and understand the information they need
  • Insurance agents spend less time looking for information and more time engaging with the Member, and
  • Subject matter experts can manage content updates while maintaining sound content governance standards.


GlenPentlandBCAA“Precision Content provided a leading edge content management solution to improve both the effectiveness of our 400 frontline sales staff and our Member experience. We had large insurance product manuals which were cumbersome and difficult to use and in need of updating. We chose the Precision Content solution to properly rewrite the entire Home Insurance manual which truly “googleized” this important reference source. The leading edge search function is a game changer and staff rave about how easy it is to use. Our sales staff and internal departments are now able to find the right information quickly. Now we are in the process of applying this solution to rewriting other product manuals.”
– Glen Pentland, Senior Insurance Marketing Manager, BCAA

Feedback from the field
BCAA needed to empower staff to make complex underwriting decisions quickly and accurately, all while actively serving Members. The response from BCAA’s staff for the new information sources was immediate:

  • “The new Manual is so much easier to use. It is like heaven on earth”.
  • “The new Manual looks exactly as it should. So easy to use. Good work!”
  • “LOVE the new manual – so much easier to use.”
  • “I really like the new tool and the feedback option is great.”
  • “This new Manual looks so slick.”
  • “Oh my Goodness – I was absolutely blown away by the new manual
  • “What a major accomplishment – it is FAN-FLIPPIN-TASTIC.
  • “I love how easy it is to navigate, how clear and concise the information is, and how quick the response time is – no more waiting for stuff to download while your customer is waiting.”

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