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    [Recording] Microcontent And The Five Moments Of Need: Collaborative Authoring and Publishing To Support Organizational Learning Needs

    5 moments of needSTC NY – June 13, 2019 –  Rob Hanna travelled to New York City to share his presentation on a new way to approach instructional design and develop learning materials that scale down from classroom instruction to just-in-time microlearning covering the spectrum of the five moments of need:

    1. New—When learning to do something for the first time
    2. More—When expanding the breadth and depth of what has been learned
    3. Apply—When people need to act upon what they have learned, adapt to new challenges
    4. Solve—When dealing with problems as they arise.
    5. Change—When people need to learn a new way of doing something; it requires them to change skills that are deeply ingrained in their performance practices.


    Download the slides