Precision Content WittyDITACommunicate your DITA/XML in one voice

Why it’s awesome
Precision Content® WittyDITA™ makes it possible to surface your DITA-based content with the rest of the enterprise like never before.

How it works
WittyDITA connects your component content management system (CCMS) to with the WittyParrot platform. WittyParrot then makes accessing that information easy with just a few clicks and without you having to navigate complex portals or other web-based systems. More than a file sharing and storage solution, it enables you to discover, classify, assemble, deliver, and track all the content you need to work more effectively.

“When we first saw the demo with Witty Parrot, it really excited us. One of the things we have had to overcome is the challenge of sharing content between departments. The benefit for us is that [Astoria with WittyParrot] allows other departments to use vetted content, content that is accurate for a customer-facing audience without having the technical skills to author in DITA, and that’s huge for us.”
— Julie Newcome, Ultimate Software

wdFlowWittyDITA™ delivers entire documents, topics, and blocks of content along with rich classification metadata directly into the WittyParrot platform every time a DITA/XML document gets published. Once it is indexed in WittyParrot, the content is made available to all users through Microsoft Office plug-ins allowing users to search for and paste in fragments of the latest approved content directly into their documents, emails, and presentations.

Use cases

  • Custom technical support documentation
  • Leverage current documentation in proposal and quotation responses
  • Feedback to technical documentation group
  • Leverage current documentation in marketing and training


More info

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