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DITA InPrint™


Move to DITA and stay in style

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DITA InPrint™ enables you to publish great-looking documents from your DITA XML content to Microsoft® Word®, PDF, and Apache™ OpenOffice™ Writer.
No programming required!

What is DITA InPrint
DITA InPrint is a design and publishing tool that makes it easy to create templates that conform to corporate styles. It enables users to easily publish DITA/XML content with those templates to fully styled Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents.

How it works
Users design and maintain publishing templates in Apache OpenOffice™ Writer. There is no programming skill required. If you know how to use the styles feature in Microsoft Word or Adobe FrameMaker, then you can use DITA InPrint. Users then publish their DITA content using the DITA Open Toolkit and their CMS, XML editor, or the application itself.

The benefit
DITA InPrint™ makes it easy for users to design publishing templates that meet corporate standards, and to easily publish DITA XML content to fully styled Microsoft Word and PDF documents.

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