Precision Content® Discovery Workshop

The need to gain strategic value from content is increasing, putting pressure on organizations to innovate. We understand the content life-cycle; how it works, and why it doesn’t work.

Workshop purpose

The Precision Content® Discovery Workshop is the first step in understanding your requirements while sharing our capabilities. It is a 3-day onsite engagement used to investigate content and communication-related challenges that keep you from meeting your goals or expose you to risk.

The workshop exposes conditions, roadblocks, and opportunities to pursue further activities needed to close quality gaps, improve productivity, and mitigate risk. This is an opportunity to explore the art of the possible for the future needs of your business-critical information.

Workshop methodology

The workshop methodology includes

  • conducting interviews
  • reviewing business critical processes
  • reviewing business critical documentation
  • benchmarking industry practices, and
  • formulating recommendations.

Who should participate?

We recommend the following key stakeholders participate in the workshop and interviews:

  • Executive sponsors
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Communications staff
  • Subject matter experts
  • Authors
  • Support staff/IT

Workshop report

The workshop report is compiled after the onsite visit. It details the workshop’s findings and recommendations. This deliverable may include the following topics:

  • current state of content management practices
  • stakeholder interview notes
  • technology considerations
  • risk factors
  • industry comparisons
  • scalability considerations, and
  • high-level roadmap.

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