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Enterprise publishing solutions

You spend a lot of time, money, and resources creating DITA content. Our publishing solutions make it possible to surface and share your DITA content across the enterprise in Microsoft Word, SharePoint, and Witty Parrot.


DITA InPrint™

DITA InPrint™ enables you to publish great-looking documents from your DITA XML content to Microsoft® Word®, PDF, and Apache™ OpenOffice™ Writer. No programming required. DITA InPrint is a design and publishing tool that makes it easy to create templates that conform to corporate styles. > Learn more



DITA OnPoint™

SharePoint® is everywhere. A 2016 study, revealed that 63% of organizations use SharePoint as a main, secondary or legacy enterprise CMS, or records management system. DITA onPoint™ makes it possible to deliver your DITA XML across the enterprise using SharePoint. > Learn more




WittyDITA™ plugs into any standard DITA XML publishing system to connect your DITA-based content assets with the WittyParrot platform. WittyParrot then makes accessing that information easy with just a few clicks and without you having to navigate complex portals or other web based systems. More than a file sharing and storage solution, it enables you to discover, classify, assemble, deliver, and track all the content you need to work more efficiently. > Learn more