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    Preparing your Content for Intelligent Machines, Joyce Lam Intelligent agents and AI-powered cognitive content solutions perform best with machine-ready content—intelligent content designed to be read by humans and processed by computers. To deliver the right answer to prospects and customers who have questions, you’ll need to optimize your content production approaches and begin crafting content with the precision humans appreciate, and machines require. Welcome to Intelligent Microcontent.

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    Joyce’s Content Analysis Rubric

    Intelligent Microcontent Mechanics for DITA Authors and Architects, Rob Hanna With new demands of just-in-time delivery, voice interactivity, and artificial intelligence we need to take DITA to the next level of precision. Emerging channels require smaller, more precise units of content for delivery as intelligent microcontent. This 90-minute workshop discusses the concepts, capabilities, and design considerations for developing a microcontent strategy.



    The robots are coming! Do you speak robot? It isn’t enough to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. Your customers don’t just need content anymore, they need answers. The move to artificial intelligence, chatbots, and conversational user-interfaces is changing how we create and deliver content. The techniques you use to write and organize component-based content will have an even greater impact on the readiness and usability of your content in the future. Content needs to be precise and written for user intent.

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    DITA satisfaction white paper The DITA Satisfaction Survey indicates that 62% of respondents using DITA are—to varying degrees—dissatisfied. As many as 10% of that group were very dissatisfied reporting that their DITA implementation is experiencing ‘big’ challenges. What’s going on? How are you feeling about your DITA solution? This research paper examines the key issues impacting DITA satisfaction to help you find the best place to start making improvements. The paper distills the issues into three major categories skills development, technology, and management. The good news is that most DITA users don’t see their problems as insurmountable. Many just need a little help getting to where they’d like to be.

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    Precision Content Products & Services Overview We’re a full-service, end-to-end consultancy, technology innovator, and systems integrator offering professional services, training, and technology.

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