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    DITA/XML Author Training using Precision Content®



    This four-day hands-on training course designed to teach you everything you need to know to begin creating well-formed XML content using the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA). Our instructors will help you quickly learn how to craft high-quality, topic-based content.

    What is Precision Content®?

    Precision Content is a method of planning, authoring, and publishing high-value, structured content. It is a robust and systematic content life-cycle solution that helps enterprises manage content as a corporate asset.

    About the training

    Precision Content® training is focused on the writing, organizing, and classifying of DITA/XML content.

    Audience profile

    • Medium technical skills
    • Good writing skills
    • Some exposure to DITA and XML

    Learning Objectives

    After the training course, participants should be able to

    • demonstrate knowledge and application of fundamental Precision Content® authoring and publishing principles and techniques
    • demonstrate familiarity and application with the DITA authoring environment and tools (Oxygen XML Author 18.1, easyDITA)
    • explain the
      • principles behind the identification and use of information types
      • different types of content reuse, and
      • fundamentals of structured authoring vs. traditional publishing.

    Learning Topics

    • Precision Content® Fundamentals (day 1)
      • Introduction to structured authoring
      • Fundamentals of DITA/XML
      • Topic-based authoring and content re-use
      • Cognitive principles for content analysis
      • Introduction to information types
    • Precision Content® Systems (day 2)
      • Working with Oxygen
      • Introduction to component content management
      • DITA architecture
      • Reusing content by reference
      • Building maps
      • Publishing
    • Precision Content® Methods (days 3-4)
      • Precision Content® authoring models
      • Analyzing content
        • Blocks and labels
        • Short descriptions
        • Deconstructing content
        • Effective titling
        • Planning topics
      • Authoring conventions
        • Paragraphs
        • Lists
        • Tables
        • Notes
        • Figures
      • Concept, Task, and Principle
        • Definitions
        • Examples
        • Warnings and admonitions
        • Policies
        • Procedures

    Learning Methods

    The course is a mix of lecture, discussion, and hands-on exercises. This includes time to use tools and ask questions. The final day is a case study exercise. Learning methods used include:

    • Lecture and discussion
    • Reference material
    • Examples and hands-on exercises
    • Before-and-after deconstructions of source content
    • Case study: Transforming source content
    • Participant evaluation
    • Post-training support and coaching

    Included in this training

    • Facilitation by two experienced and knowledgeable trainers
    • Reference material
    • Post-training support and coaching program
      (Precision Content® support and coaching covers personal telephone and email support for authoring questions and issues to a maximum of 2 hours per student within 60 days of training completion.)
    • Lunch, coffee, breaks

    Attendee responsibilities

    Attendees are responsible for

    • Their own travel and accommodation (contact us for hotel information)
    • Providing their own wi-fi-enabled laptops
    • Installing a trial version of Oxygen Author prior to the sessions
    • Ensuring that they have
      • the latest version of the FireFox browser installed, and
      • have sufficient administrator privileges on their laptop to
        • connect to 3rd-party network for internet access, and
        • install browser plug-ins.

    About the instructors

    rob_hanna_june_30_2016_189-by-189Rob Hanna is a professional technical communicator and leading expert in structured XML authoring, DITA and content management. Over the course of his career, Rob has consulted to or worked for several Fortune 500 companies including Cisco Systems Inc., Sun Microsystems, Xerox (NASDAQ, Research In Motion, among others.

    In 2014, Rob was awarded the rank of Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and earned the Enterprise Content Management Specialist (ECMs) designation from AIIM. Rob earned his certification from Information Mapping International as an Information Mapping® Certified Consultant™ (IMCC) in 2013 and holds a certification from AIIM as a Certified Information Professional (CIP).

    Rob is a member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee working on the Technical Documentation Subcommittee. He is an executive member of AIIM’s First Canadian Chapter. He has served as a national director for the STC and as the vice-chairman for the STC Certification Commission.

    Mike-RowlinsonMike Rowlinson is an experienced technical communicator, project manager, and structured authoring trainer. Mike has experience leading large, complex authoring projects using the Precision Content® method and DITA/XML.  Mike’s outstanding communication skills and style make him an excellent trainer. He excels at helping our clients improve the readability, comprehension, and usability of high-value content. Mike has worked on a wide variety of content including, policies, processes, and procedures, training manuals, website content, and job aids.

    Mike has been involved in designing the Precision Content training modules and has delivered training for the Insurance Corporation of BC and BCAA. Mike is a certified financial planner and is also certified to deliver Leadership Through People Skills™.