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    Information is the building block

    Policies, procedures, and product information are building blocks of day-to-day bsuiness operations. However, all too often the information your people need is buried in dense, hard to read documentation.
    This causes inefficiencies and risk.

    See The Difference Structure Makes

    When information is structured, it’s easier to scan and find the information you need.  See an example below.



    The Old “Written” Way

    • Dense text buries important details
    • Complex language and leaglise make it hard to read
    • Unstructured content cannot migrate online
    • Difficult for technology to use

    Before & After Example

    Use the slider to compare the versions



    The New “Structured” Way

    • Chunked and titled making it easy to read
    • Plain language refines and make message more precise
    • Structured content is ready to migrate to online systems
    • Opportunities for reuse and omni-channel publishing


    This table shows the improvement in readability by applying the
    Precision Content method.


    • Review and assess all policies and procedures
    • Make information easier to find, understand, and trust
    • Provide systems and practices to enforce content governance


    Reduced the volume of content in some areas by 40%

    Exposed and filled knowledge gaps and fixed errors in important content

    Trained writers in Precision Content authoring methods and tools to sustain and scale content.

    { Testimonials

    “The Precision Content team was instrumental in helping us to review and reform our policies and procedures. Having recently reviewed the Board Policy documentation,

    I am very pleased with quality and clarity of the new content.”


    Jim Rediger,
    CEO at Westoba Credit Union

    Complimentary Documentation Assessment For Credit Unions


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