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Catch Precision Content at LavaCon 2021

The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference is underway! This year, you can find representatives from Precision Content in two places:

The full description of Peihong’s talk is as follows:

The Evolution of Information Linking and the Future of Microcontent, Peihong Zhu, Precision Content, LavaCon 2021

With the advance of AI and other emerging technologies, the ways content is delivered to the users are changing drastically. As a result, the ways the users consume information are also changing. Microcontent is an answer to these new developments. The richness of metadata associated with microcontent enables microcontent to meet users at Micro-Moments. The benefit of microcontent does not end here. Metadata also allows microcontent to connect with other forms of content, as well as data, in a wider system. With the help of technologies such as RDF and Semantic AI, microcontent can become an integral part of a larger content-data ecosystem, generate new business insight, and provide higher ROI for businesses and end users

In this session you will learn:

  • How information linking has evolved.
  • The importance of unified standards and multi-level abstraction in building context.
  • The value of combining microcontent with semantic link and AI technologies.

There is still time to register for the conference. Precision Content looks forward to meeting you at LavaCon 2021!

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