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Steve Manning joins Precision Content as VP Consulting Services

TORONTO, Canada, September 25, 2017 – Precision Content is proud to announce the hiring of Steve Manning as Vice-President of Consulting Services. In this role, Steve will leverage his considerable skills and experience to help grow the services side of Precision Content including consulting engagements, training development and delivery, and content transformation work. He will bring to bear his stellar reputation in the field of technical communications to evangelize our Precision Content® methods and tools designed to serve the needs of the enterprise.

Steve brings nearly three decades of experience to the role, consulting to Fortune 100 technology firms and leading life-sciences organizations in areas of information architecture, content strategy, and content management technologies. As a key member of the Rockley Group, Steve was a contributing author to several pre-eminent works with Ann Rockley including the first issues of Managing Enterprise Content and DITA 101. Steve has taught information architecture and content management courses at the University of Toronto iSchool and presented at conferences around the globe. Steve has contributed to the standards work with OASIS from the very early days of DITA/XML.

“We were very fortunate to be able to land Steve Manning here at Precision Content,” said Rob Hanna, President of Precision Content. “I’ve had the pleasure of calling Steve a friend and colleague for well over a decade. I’ve seen his work and how he works with clients – bringing an authoritative and reassuring voice to every conversation. His insight and understanding of our industry are just what we need in this time of rapid growth and expansion here at Precision Content.”

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