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September 19 – 21

Check out what you missed at the Spectrum Virtual Conference 2020.

Precision Content x 2020 Conferences

Structured, UX-driven content will transform your business for the better. Join us at this year’s virtual conferences to unlock the power of structured authoring for your organization.

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Is your content hard to navigate? By re-thinking, re-structuring, and re-writing your most valuable content, even the most robust information sets can be powered by incredible advancements in content management and AI. 

At Precision Content Authoring Solutions Inc., we help prepare and transform your content, leveraging emerging technologies like chatbots and conversational user interfaces that will lead your organization into the future.

Your customers are looking for answers. 
We’re here to provide the forward-thinking content solutions you need.

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The 2020 theme, The Expanding Spectrum of Technical Communication, reflects the exciting and challenging scope of work we do now as technical communicators and the growth of opportunities each year. 

Precision Content President and Chief Information Architect, Rob Hanna, will lead two virtual presentations:

Rob Hanna, Intelligent Microcontent: At the Point of Content Convergence
Content distilled down to appropriate segments of information in the form of intelligent microcontent take on a new life when they are made available to the enterprise for consumption and reintegration across different business functions in the enterprise. 

Rob Hanna, Microcontent and the 5 Moments of Need
Intelligent microcontent is designed to scale from traditional book-based publishing down to voice-enabled responses using the same source of content. This strategy translates into new ways of designing learning materials as just-in-time microlearning, covering the spectrum of the 5 moments of need.


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September 21 – 23

Check out what you missed at the ConVEx Virtual Experience 2020.

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October 6 – 8

Check out what you missed at Adobe DITA World.

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October 23 – 28

LavaCon UX: The Virtual Content Strategy Conference -- with a New Orleans Flair!

Offered as a replacement to DITA NA, DITA Europe, and Journeys for 2020, ConVEx is not an online simulation of an in-person conference, but an immersive experience designed from the ground up to use e-resources in the best possible way.

ConVEx will bring you a wealth of ideas and information to support your efforts in defining and executing a comprehensive content strategy.

As sponsors and speakers at this year’s ConVEx Virtual Experience, Precision Content’s Keith Schengili-Roberts and Joyce Lam will take the mic to discuss the power of precision.

Precision Content President and Chief Information Architect, Rob Hanna, will also lead a presentation, speak as a panel expert, and host a live tool demonstration that addresses questions around intelligent content and its relevance in today’s environment.


– 23
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Adobe DITA World is delighted to announce Volker Smid, CEO at Acrolinx, and Keith Schengili-Roberts from Precision Content as the keynote speakers. 

Register now for free with your Adobe ID to access all sessions of Adobe DITAWORLD 2020.


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Are you looking to stay ahead of the content curve? LavaCon is more than just a conference. It’s a gathering place where industry professionals share best practices and lessons learned, network with peers, and build professional relationships that will last for years to come.

Precision Content President and Chief Information Architect, Rob Hanna, will lead a forward-thinking presentation:

Rob Hanna, Creating Intelligent Microcontent
Precision Content to provide details of involvement with this event.


– 28
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We share valuable insights from the industry so you can stay ahead of the curve.